The Ancient Chinese Art of
Exercise and Well Being 

Tai Chi is a holistic system of coordinated body posture, movement,

breathing and meditation that promotes whole body health, mental 

clarity and calmness, and which aids in the cultivation and nurturing of

 the body's natural bio-energy or "Chi". 

Tai Chi is a richly researched exercise, with health improvements ranging from better blood pressure scores to a sharper and more relaxed mind!  Harvard Professors of research and the director of the Mindful Awareness Research Center of UCLA both have concluded in dozens of studies that Tai Chi practitioners have lower rates of insomnia, depression, illness, inflammation, and many many other benefits.  It is said to be just as beneficial to the body as crossfit and other rigorous forms of exercise, but also benefits the mind and stress levels in ways these other exercises cannot.  The American Journal of Epidemiology concluded that Tai Chi practice is just as effective at lowering the risk of early death due to cardiovascular diseases as jogging and walking and other forms of exercise.  Tai Chi is proven time and again to have a soothing effect on the sympathetic nervous system, which activates when people are under stress.  By practicing Tai Chi, practitioners lower their stress levels and experience all types of health benefits!