GUP BELTS (White through Brown Sr.)

WHITE BELT:  Symbolizes the beginning, pure with no knowledge.

YELLOW/ORANGE BELT:  The color of the sunrise in the morning, starting a new day.

GREEN BELT:  The color of Spring, the season of Growth.

BLUE/PURPLE BELT:  The color of the sky, youth and ambition, brightness and spirit.

RED/BROWN BELT:  Stands for the color of blood and the setting sun.  The student is now developing a strong foundation of his/her body and its nature and capabilities.  It also is a color that signifies danger, the student is now learning skills capable of causing harm to others if not controlled and channeled correctly.  

BLACK BELT:  Contains all the colors, signifying deep knowledge and accumulation of all the skills from all the lower belt colors. 


FIRST DAN:  1ST DEGREE BLACK BELT:  The individual is now learning the true meaning of martial arts, becoming aware of the vast amount of knowledge and experience he/she must still accumulate.  At this stage a student is learning how to share the knowledge of martial arts to others.  
SECOND/THIRD DAN:  2nd and 3rd DEGREE BLACK BELTS:  Training begins to focus on becoming responsible for oneself while at the same time helping others with the martial arts pillars of character and basic foundation of skills.
FOURTH/FIFTH DAN:  4th and 5th DEGREE BLACK BELTS:  At this level as an instructor one is well trained enough to be fully responsible for seeking additional knowledge and further refining their own skills without the need for constant oversight by one's own Master.  It is often compared to being like a young parent - learning to care for your own students but still seeking approval and guidance from one's own parents (GrandMasters).  You are more confident in passing your knowledge by the training of others, but still need and look for guidance from one's own Masters (comparative to the grandparents in a family structure).
SIXTH/SEVENTH DAN:   6th and 7th DEGREE BLACK BELTS:  A Master who is now at a level where they are confident in not only pursuing their own training but also training and supervising other Dan Rank instructors.  They are also capable of creating new ideas and knowledge.  They are comparable to experienced parents, needing guidance and oversight by their own parents (grandparents/grandmasters) less and less.
EIGHTH/NINTH DAN:   8th and 9th DEGREE BLACK BELTS:  The GrandMaster.  He/She who controls, sustains, and supervises those who are the Master levels.  A mature adult who has the experience and wisdom to supervise other instructors.  Comparable to the grandparents/patriarch/matriarch of a family.  The one who is sought out in times of trouble, uncertainty, in times when reassurance and advice is needed.


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